Open issues for docs-fp-o

Total issues: 23

Issue #1

Title: package pintail

Issue #2

Title: Edit existing docbooks to work with pintail

Issue #3

Title: Create a model for converstion of books to topics

Issue #4

Title: Purge and rewrite meta-documentation about "how to write docs for Fedora."

Issue #5

Title: Package asciidoctor-mallard for Fedora

Issue #6

Title: Convert existing docbooks to asciidoc

Issue #8

Title: Create ansible playbooks for Topics-based docs site (asciidoc-pintail)

Issue #9

Title: Present Information Architecutre Proposal for New Docs site to Fedora-docs community

Issue #10

Title: Create a "map" of topics that get chained together per book

Issue #11

Title: Create a list of books to be converted to "maps" of topic chains

Issue #12

Title: Set up a staging environment for new pintail instance

Issue #13

Title: create ducktype file for top level site view

Issue #14

Title: Decide how the repo structure of asciidoc topics will be structured

Issue #15

Title: Create ticket on Pagure for Anon Pull-Requests

Issue #16

Title: Establish Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment Layer

Issue #17

Title: Establish Publishing Layer

Issue #19

Title: Package pintail asciidoc plugin

Issue #20

Title: Site design and style

Issue #22

Title: New Site Launch Tracking Ticket

Issue #23

Title: add pintail config to all docs

Issue #25

Title: redirect with apache server info to Ro language

Issue #26

Title: Missing information for setting up elastic search

Issue #27

Title: Add README

Open issues for install-guide

Total issues: 1

Issue #4

Title: create readme

Open issues for fedora-cookbook

Total issues: 1

Issue #1

Title: asciidoc playground

Open issues for documentation-guide

Total issues: 2

Issue #1

Title: Create PR guidelines

Issue #2

Title: Create asciidoc Style Guide

Open issues for release-notes

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Open issues for system-administrators-guide

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Open issues for virt-getting-started-guide

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Open issues for multiboot-guide

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Open issues for networking-guide

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